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May Newsletter 2021

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Dear Christian Friends,

It is hard to believe we are at the mid-point of 2021. The year has brought many wonderful surprises, but it has also brought sad ones. Later in the newsletter, you will read about a heartbreaking tragedy affecting one of our ministers and his family, and we ask that you lift them to our Father who sees all and knows all.

It’s very exciting to hear of the souls being won in the Guadalajara church where Abdiel Garcia ministers with his dad, Josue. Josue has been the minister of this

Damage to Clinic Roof

church for many years and now his son, Abdiel, is youth minister. The two make a great team. In this month’s newsletter, I have included a message from Josue.

We have been having really high winds which have caused serious problems to the roof of the clinic. We need repairs to the tune of $15,000. Please include this need in your prayers.


Josue left a message in my voicemail I would like to share:

“A young mother and her two small children began attending the Bible study in her community. It was not because she was interested in hearing the Gospel, but rather, because of her mom who had recently become a Christian. Angeles participated in protests in downtown Guadalajara and took part in painting graffiti on public walls without permission. She dressed inappropriately, and her hair style was very wild. Angeles made it clear that she wasn’t happy to be in the Bible study.

Over time, we have witnessed a beautiful change in her life both spiritually and physically. She has opened her heart to the Lord in a marvelous way. She has even changed the way she dresses. We have seen her transform from being such a rebellious person to living her life for the Lord. Only God could change a person in this way. She has become beautiful outwardly and inwardly. In the home Bible study, she surprised us all when she expressed her love for Jesus and confessed His name. There were tears as she stood up in front of her husband, parents, siblings, and those attending the study and told them she wanted to give her life to Jesus and planned to be baptized the following Sunday. Her parents said it was incredible to see such a drastic change in their daughter.”


Ricardo, Bety, and Girls

As I write this article, we are very sad for our minister, Ricardo, and his family. His wife’s sister has disappeared, and the family fears she is not alive. They have not been able to contact her for several weeks, and her husband took their four children and fled the area. The extended family resides in Cuernavaca, located south of Mexico City. Ricardo’s wife, Bety, and her sisters are worried for their dad. He is not in good health, and they are afraid of how this news may affect him. This case is under investigation by authorities. The entire family is very much in need of our prayers. Ricardo, Bety, and their children will not be returning to Loreto for the duration of the investigation which will take months, if not years. Bety is the contact person for the family, and she will make sure authorities continue to search. Since she has this responsibility, Ricardo and Bety must move, and Ricardo will no longer be able to serve as minister of the Loreto Church.

The Lord has provided another minister who will help us for three months. Josias is a student at Colegio Biblico, Piedras Negras, Mexico. This is a border town crossing from Eagle Pass, Texas. At the end of the summer, he will return to College, but he is willing to help us during his three months of summer vacation. Please pray for him as he takes on the responsibility of the church; for this will be his first experience in doing so. He plans to do some evangelistic work, visit new prospects, and preach.


“Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. I say to myself, “The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for him.”

~ Lamentations 3:22-24

As you know from April’s update, Carol and I have spent most of May back home due to issues with my back. About two and a half weeks ago, I had an epidural which did help for a few days. My back pain has returned to the point it was prior to the epidural. Weighing my options of having major back surgery versus living with the way it is, I am choosing to live with it the way it is for now. We are still praying for healing of my back. Although, I can manage and function at the current level.

We are planning to return to Mexico later this week. We will start back work on organizing the clinic while waiting on God to provide the needed support for the clinic operations. Based on the clinic staff positions and other operating cost of the clinic for the first year, we need about $5000 per month for these expenses. Our hope is that the clinic will be self-sufficient with revenue generated from the clinic operations by the end of the first year. The main obstacle in opening the clinic currently is those funds for the first year of operation. We are close to having the staff identified that will fill the positions that are needed.

God will provide this much needed funding through His people. There are many ways that God can provide this funding through His Church, both individual giving and group giving. The goal of $5000 per month could be met by 100 people giving $50 per month or 50 groups giving $100 per month in addition to many other combinations. Be praying with us as we watch this need fulfilled.

When we return to Mexico, Carol will start providing exercise classes for the elderlies at the Nursing Home. Earlier this month Cris and Abdiel found out that as part of the requirements for the Asociación Civil (AC), the Nursing Home must have exercise classes on a regular basis. So, Carol has been working on gathering supplies and exercise plans for the elderlies during our time home.

Cleared Portion of Roof

Before we left Mexico, we had several days of very strong winds which damaged a large section of the roof. Unfortunately, this has caused several areas to be damaged in the clinic due to the recent rains. We have known that we need to come up with a different roof covering due to this recurrent problem. Abdiel has been working on coming up with a solution. He has found a fix for the roof problem. The plan is to replace the current roof with the same material that was used on the basketball court at the camp. It will cost approximately $15,000 to replace all the roof.

Surprise Birthday Party for Carol from Kids

During our month in the States our kids were able to come to Tennessee to see us. In this picture, they are throwing a surprise 60th birthday party for Carol.

Continue praying for Bethshean Mexico Mission outreach through all the many ministries.

Prayer Needs:

1. Continue praying for the opportunity to mentor, teach, and love the clinic

physician, dentist, and staff

2. The additional financial support for the first year of the clinic operation - $5000

per month

3. Be in prayer for the paperwork for the clinic opening when we can start the


4. Pray for the hearts of the people that the clinic will be serving would be softened

and open to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

5. Pray for the ministers of the mission churches as they continue working to spread

the Good News of Jesus Christ.

6. Pray for the camp activities and attendees this summer.

7. Pray for God’s provision of the $15,000 for the roof replacement.


1. Paul Hamrick is continuing to heal and is back at work.

2. For the physician that is working at the Nursing Home.

3. For God’s provision for the needs of the mission.

4. For God’s provision of safety for the workers with the mission.

In His Service,

Freddy and Carol


Things are beginning to return to what we once knew as normal, even though I don’t think they will return back completely! Changes are uncomfortable, but they can also be good.

The Federal Government has announced that classes will resume on June 7th. We will also be having elections in different states here in Mexico on June 6th. As the Church of Christ, we pray that God would place authorities that would serve His eternal purposes. One of our collaborators with the Mission, Paola Robles, who is our accountant, is running for President of the city of Guadalupe, Zacatecas.

Little by little, the government offices are opening back up and with that, we will continue with the process of the legal documents for the Civil Association (A.C.) and the mission properties. We know these are difficult times, but we continue to trust in the Lord, that He would sustain us firm and faithful in His work.

This year we will return to camp activities by having an intermediate camp July 12-16 and a youth camp July 19-24. We will be limiting the number of campers that can participate.

Thank you, brothers and sisters, for your love for the Lord Jesus Christ and for His work here in Mexico. Please keep praying for us, that we would continue to have the opportunity to preach God’s gospel and more souls would come to Jesus’ feet. May the peace of God be with you. Amen.


1. Loreto Church as we look for a minister. We have a temporary Bible

College student helping us but he leaves in August to return to classes.

2. Minister needed for the Maravillas Christian Church.

3. Minister needed for Pinos Christian Church.

4. Ricardo and family. That God will give them strength through the

tragedy in their family.

5. Dr. Freddy’s recovery of back problems.

6. Intermediate and youth camp in July.


Christian friends, I appreciate so much your support all these years in prayers and with finances. Your prayers are so much needed. You can see from the prayer lists, there are many needs. Thank you so much for lifting us in prayer to the Lord. We are in His hands, and He is in every situation. We must remain faithful and be an encouragement to God’s people. God bless each one.

With love and in His service,

~ Cris


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Bethshean Mex Mission May 2021
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