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February Newsletter 2022

The 2022 Medical/Dental/Construction Team

Greetings! As we write this, the weather is changing, warmth is in the air, the birds are beginning to wake us in the morning with singing…spring is just starting for us here! Springtime brings new hope, and we look forward to what is to come here at the mission. We are excited, as we know many of our annual activities are not far off and we are getting spiritually, mentally, and physically prepared for each one! We just hosted the Medical/Dental/Construction team from the states. Each year we look forward to fellowshipping and working alongside them for the Lord.


Fernando and his wife, Rosa Laura have arrived and have begun their work ministering in the Loreto church. We look forward to getting to know them as they serve with us in mission activities. We are in the process of hiring some new administrative staff members, which includes an administrative assistant and a lawyer to help with all the different documentation. We are still looking for an accountant who can assist with the financial aspects. We will also soon be interviewing a receptionist and janitorial staff for the clinic, as we plan to open for dental consults next month.


The church in Sauceda, ministered by Manuel Herrera Luna and his wife, Fernanda, currently has 25 baptized members and five children. There are nine visitors who attend regularly and are in the process of being evangelized, and since the beginning of the year, there are three new people who have been attending and learning about God’s Word. We are praying that His Word will be planted in fertile soil and will produce fruit which will honor and glorify God. Manuel and his family have regular visits with those who attend and try to encourage them, as many have passed through difficult situations recently. They also continue to be faithful working with the youth every Saturday through Bible studies, games, and preparing them to serve in the worship service on Sundays. As far as projects, they have plans to finish the other part of the perimeter wall around the church property.

The church in Sauceda is committed to continue growing spiritually and to continue supporting Manuel and his family as they minister there.


The Medical/Dental/Construction team made their annual visit earlier this month. This year Gary and the folks from Heaton Christian Church were not able to come due to Gary’s shoulder issue that kept him from joining the trip. They were definitely missed! Jay and Chad were able to complete the installing of the bathroom cabinets, sinks, and faucets on the second floor. Bruce Cavell, Paul Gebhardt, and Mike Cole were able to lend a hand where needed to help complete the task of getting ready to open the clinic in the next few weeks. Carol Tomaseki was instrumental in painting the doors and walls in the clinic. Susie Cole and Karen Anderson were busy making curtains for the camp and also shelf covers for the clinic. All of the help on projects was much needed and appreciated!

Dr. Junior Morales

Mark and I did not see patients this year due to trying to avoid COVID-19 and getting the operatories and exam rooms ready to see patients. Michelle Fleenor was along on this trip, and she was able to clean the teeth of mission personnel which was deeply appreciated. During his time here Mark was able to

Dr. Junior Morales and Family

purchase a new dental chair and unit for Junior to use when he starts working in the next few weeks.

As the paperwork is completed, Junior and Alma will be starting to work. We plan to have an Open House for the clinic in late April or first of May. As soon as we can nail down that date, we will be sending out invitations to everyone. This long-awaited celebration is almost here. Thanks to all of God’s people’s prayers, donations, and laborious work.


We are excited to be starting activities back up at the camp in March. The youth from all over Central Mexico will be invited to come to the Sanctification Retreat on March 25, 26 and 27, where the topic will be homosexuality from a Biblical and medical perspective. Also, we are making plans to have a week-long Seminar on the book of Romans in April. Please pray with us that everything would come together to make this seminar possible and that Bob and Sandy Klemm will be able to come as teachers that week. We look forward to both of these activities and the opportunity to learn more about God’s Word.


New Wooden Door at Nursing Home

There are various different projects happening around here and some other potential ones that we hope to put into action. The main door at the nursing home needed to be replaced since it was the original door. A beautiful new wooden door is in its place!

Also, some changes are being made at the Camp. Due to water damage, some of the small storage rooms have been torn down and will be replaced by a new storage room. We are also re-roofing the laundry room.

Lastly, we ask you to be in prayer about a potential project. At the Bethshean Board meeting last November, a proposal was presented by Dr. Freddy to install solar panels at the Nursing Home. Currently, the Nursing Home’s electrical bill is approximately $3100 pesos per month. By installing solar panels, the bill would decrease to $125 pesos per month. With the savings provided by the solar panels, the project cost would be recouped in three and one-half years. The cost of the project would be between $7000 to $8000 dollars to complete. Just as God is providing the clinic salaries by God’s people, this project can be completed the same way!


1 Thessalonians 5:18 says “In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” We are thankful for the opportunity and privilege to serve our Lord and the people of Central Mexico, for the confidence you all have placed in us to continue to lead the mission toward the goals set, and for the support you provide us; both in prayer and finances.


· Paper work for the clinic opening as we start the process

· For the hearts of the people that the clinic will be serving to be softened and

open to the gospel of Jesus Christ

· For a minister for the church in Villa Gonzalez

Until the Whole World Hears,

Abdiel and Shannon Rocha


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Bethshean Mex Mission Feb 2022
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