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January Newsletter 2022

Remembering: Cris Visiting with one of the Residents

Greetings friends! We think about our sister, Cris Garcia, so often and about how difficult it has been here without her. She was such an encouraging source of strength for us. We are thankful for the 25 years that we were able to work alongside her. We learned so many things from Cris that will help us to continue this ministry. We look forward to continuing to partner with you as we reach out, serve, and disciple the people here in Central Mexico.


Just as COVID has spread quickly throughout the U.S., it has spread around our small town. Ana Grisel, our Elderly Home Director, has been very careful with the residents; not allowing visitors into the home and using all precautions. Unfortunately, there have been a couple of cases in the home within the last week. We are trying to keep those who have tested positive isolated from those without symptoms. One of our elderly ladies, Ms. María, had to go into the hospital to have her lung reinflated. Sadly, she passed away. This variant is very contagious, so please pray with us for the elderly home residents that they will have what they need from our Lord to fight through it.


We are looking forward to the Medical/Dental/Construction Team that will be arriving in a few days. This year may be even more different than before. Last year, the medical team was able to do consults with the church members only, instead of opening it up to the public. This year, because of the surge of COVID, the group will mainly be working at the clinic, organizing, cleaning, painting, and working on the upstairs plumbing.


Dr. Alma González

On January 15th, Dr. Alma González came from San Luis Potosi to have her final interview in person. She spent the day touring the clinic, sharing meals, discussing the mission’s expectations for the position, and having her questions answered. By the end of our time together, we clearly saw she was the right candidate for the clinic position. Our next step will be a contract for her employment. The contract is currently being translated into Spanish. Then, it will be reviewed by a Mexican attorney before giving a copy to Alma to review and sign. She finished her year of service (which is the last part of her required training) on January 31. She will now be able to start working on her licensing paperwork, which includes a trip to Mexico City to complete. Our tentative plan is for her to start working in March. We are so excited for God’s plan to come together.

The dental component of the Bethshean Clinic is ready to start, as well. We have been blessed with God’s provision for the money needed to cover the dentist’s first year’s salary. During the Medical/Dental Team’s visit, we will be talking with Dr. Junior Morales to see when he can start work, and we will complete the necessary paperwork. When Dr. Mark Webb comes with the team in February, he will be able to purchase the dental chair and unit for the new dentist.


Fernando and Rosa Laura Camacho

We are looking forward to Fernando Camacho and his wife, Rosa Laura, coming to work with the mission; ministering in the Loreto Church. He is a graduate of the Bible College in Piedras Negras. They will be moving from Monterrey the first week of February to begin their ministry here with Bethshean. Please pray for their safety and also that God would use them to reach hearts in the city of Loreto.

Storm Damage at Villa Gonzalez Church

Due to recent high winds, the aluminum roof along with the supports between the main building and the dining hall, restrooms, and a classroom were blown into the street. The supports will be reattached, but the aluminum sheets are no longer useful. We will need to repair the roof in the near future.


We are so very grateful for your continued support, as we navigate through all the changes that Bethshean will experience. We look to you for prayer support and thank you for allowing our God to provide for the mission’s needs through you! May He keep you in the palm of His hand.

In Him,

Abdiel and Shannon Rocha


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Bethshean Mex Mission January 2022
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