Nursing Home

Christian care of the Elderly has always been the main focus at Bethshean.  We provide state of the art care for all elderly ladies in need.  Plans are currently in the works to add an additional wing for elderly men, also.

Undoubtedly, God uses any situation or person to plant a vision in a servant’s heart. This is exactly what occurred over 40 years ago when Cris Garcia saw a blind, bare-footed elderly lady standing on the side of the road, an elderly lady named little Rose, an outcast in a strong Catholic town because of her Christian beliefs. The sight she saw was enough to trigger the vision that is now a reality. Cris took Rose home, birthing the concept of the Bethshean Nursing Home.

There are between 10-20 elderly living at the home. During the summer time, the elderly rejoice with mission groups who come to visit with them, do crafts with them, and spiritually uplift them. Ana Grisel Martinez is the home director.


Medical Exam Rooms

Bethshean has a goal of equipping three Medical examination rooms in the new Clinic.  It is estimated each room will cost up to $10,000 per room.  We are nearly one third of the way of reaching this GOAL.

Every February involves a dedicated team of Doctors and Nurses forming a medical team, then heading across the Mexican border to Estancia De Animas. 

It's amazing how much work and effort from each team member is involved to make these visits a success.

Today, we are so close to working out of a fully functioning Clinic located right next to our Nursing Home.  Please help us by giving generously to assist us in our efforts to furnish the Clinic with the needed medical equipment. Combined with your Prayers and Offerings, we will meet the needs of the surrounding communities for many years to come.

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Dental Exam Rooms

As in the case of the Medical examination rooms, the Clinic also requires Dental Exam Rooms.  The Dental equipment for these rooms is more expensive and will require nearly $15,000 per room to furnish. At least two Dental rooms will be required, and we are nearly half-way to our GOAL.

Good Dental Health is as important as your Physical Health.  In the poor regions of Mexico, a visit to a dentist is often viewed as a last resort.  Dr. Webb, and his team where they can during their annual visit, but  know that one weeks time is not enough.

We plan on having two fully equipped Dental Offices in the new clinic when it opens in the spring.  We are half way to our goal of $30,000 but still need your help.  Please Pray for us, and Smile when you write us a big check!


Educational Seminars

​Through out the year, Bethshean offers as many Seminars as possible the ministers, and elders of the churches. Part of our ministry to help them grow and mature spiritually. If your Church in interested in Hosting, or assisting us in preparing one, please contact us ASAP.

We would love to put your Minister to work.

In fact, we would love to see you standing right next to him.  We want you to join us in spreading the Gospel in Central Mexico.

Come as a Church, or let us know if you are willing to team with other Churches to do God's work.

Let us hear from you!



Evangelism is our focus utilizing:

Camps/retreats, a nursing home, a Bible College, a Prison Ministry, a clinic, church planting Home  Bible  Studies, and Angel Bag Ministry

  • Successfully operating the only Christian nursing home in Mexico for over 40 years.

  • Family Camp Programs impacting countless lives for Christ.

  • Women and couples’ retreats enhancing the quality of family life.

  • Medical teams meeting physical and spiritual needs in many remote villages.

  • Angel Bag Ministry teaching salvation to over 2,500 children.

  • Clinic to serve a population of over 50,000 people with expansion plans for a full-service hospital.

  • Planting Churches

  • Prison Ministry


​Our current ministers work diligently with area churches that are growing numerically and spiritually. The harvest is plenty but the workers are few.


Team Trips

God’s Kingdom is expanding in Mexico through the Bethshean Mexico Mission. How can you get involved in the movement?

Your GIFT of time as you become involved in a short term mission project is priceless.

Your GIFT of prayer for the mission, our ministers, and all the other exciting endeavors are coveted.

Your GIFT of financial support could provide the gift someone in Mexico has been waiting for their whole life.


Mission Teams

Dental/Medical teams visit every February giving quality healthcare.


Summer mission teams nurture both the physical and spiritual  needs for campers of all ages.

December SOAR Angel Bags bring smiles and opens the door for evangelism to over 2,500 children.

For Team Information


Medical/Dental  contact:
       Dr. Freddie Martin      

Skilled Trades contact:     
       Gary Edwards    


SOAR Angel Bag contact:      
       Keri Duncan


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