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December Newsletter 2021

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Cris at Galilee Christian circa 2010-2011

On December 19th, our dear friend and sister, Cris Garcia, Founder and Co-Administrator of Bethshean Mexico Mission went Home to be with our Lord. Hers is a beautiful example of a life dedicated to serving and loving the Lord; walking in faith and humble dependence on Him. Most of us have been encouraged and even mesmerized by Cris’ many stories of how she depended on the Father for guidance, protection, and strength in her day-to-day life and how He always provided what was needed in the moment.

When Cris left Georgia fifty-two years ago (in January) to travel to Mexico in a used truck carrying all of her earthly possessions, she could not see into the many years that would follow. She could only see the immediate. While that position was a little frightening, her trust was in the Lord, and she obeyed. She gave what she had, something small like a mustard seed, and our great God and Father grew it into what we know today as Bethshean Mexico Mission. Her willingness to follow the Spirit’s leading to go to the only place she asked Him not to send her resulted in many souls knowing the Lord and a fruitful ministry that will continue to share the Good News of Jesus in Mexico.

‘Then I heard a voice from heaven say, “Write this:

Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.”

“Yes,” says the Spirit, “they will rest from their labor,

for their deeds will follow them.’

~ Revelation 14:13

While we grieve that we will not see Cris again on earth, our hearts rejoice that she is Home with the Lord and we will all praise and worship our Lord Jesus Christ together someday!

Remembering Cris

Bookmark circa 1988

Cris touched so many lives and had such a dynamic impact on those who knew her. We’ve created a page on our website for all who want to share memories, thoughts, and/or pictures of Cris through the years. We would love to read your story of how Cris’ love for Christ impacted you, a special memory you have of her, and/or a time you worked alongside of her at Bethshean, etc. You can find the page by going to and clicking on the “Remembering Cris” tab. On your desktop, it will be under the “More” button at the top right. To create a post or respond to a previous post, you must sign in to our website. It isn’t difficult, and we want to know your “Cris Story”, so please create an account using your email, Facebook, or Google account. Just click "Create New Post", and you will be prompted to Log In or Create Account. If you would like to visit the page now, please click button:

Celebrating the Life
and Service of Cris

There will be two services to celebrate the life and work of Cris; one in Mexico and one in the United States. The first service will be in Estancia de Animas at the Bethshean Camp on Saturday, January 1, 2022 at 11 am. If there is a specific photo or memory you would like to share, please let us know by December 28th via Facebook by sending a message on the Bethshean Mexico Mission page.

The second service will be held at Galilee Christian Church in Jefferson, GA at 1:00 pm on Saturday, January 22nd. This service will be live streamed for those unable to attend. We encourage you to submit pictures, stories, and even short audio clips to help us celebrate Cris’ life and service to the Lord. We need all submissions no later than January 12th. Please send submissions to the following link:

We invite you to stay for a reception that will follow the service at Galilee.

In Memory of Cris

Cris’ heart was for the Lord, and she wanted the people of Central Mexico to know Him. Bethshean came into being several years after Cris had already been working in Mexico when she relocated from San Luis Potosi to Estancia de Animas and saw the great need for a nursing home. Over the years, Cris followed God’s lead and Bethshean grew from a Home for the Aged to encompassing a Family and Youth Camp, five churches, and a clinic with both medical and dental services. If you would like to make a donation in memory of Cris, you can send a check to:

Cris in 2019

Bethshean Mexico Mission

PO Box 7391

Athens, GA 30604

Please earmark check “In Memory of Cris Garcia”.

You can also donate through our PayPal account by clicking:

Abdiel Rocha, Co-Administrator with Cris,
Steps into Official Administrative Role

Cris and Abdiel

1995 – Abdiel joined Bethshean to help care for the elderlies in the Nursing Home and to preach and lead a worship service for them on Sundays. Later, he did maintenance at the camp and became the Camp Director.

1999 - Abdiel and Shannon married and they now have 4 daughters: Shan Mical, Annabel, Alexa, and Eva.

Rocha Family

2006 - The mission sent Abdiel and his family to Guadalupe, Zacatecas to minister in a church plant.

2007 - Abdiel and the family went to Michigan to work on his U. S. citizenship to enable him to be in the states for extended periods.

2010 - The family moved back to Estancia de Animas, and Abdiel began working in a church plant in Villa Gonzalez Ortega where he and Shannon continue to minister.

2015 - Abdiel became the Co-Administrator of the mission and began to take on more administrative responsibilities. He has continued leading the congregation in Villa Gonzalez, as well.

Shannon and Abdiel

Over the 26 years that Abdiel has been part of the Bethshean Mexico Mission, he has worked in many facets of the ministry and has witnessed the growth and influence the mission has had in Central Mexico for the cause of Christ. He is thankful to God for His many blessings.

In His providence, the Lord led Cris and the Board of Directors to offer Abdiel a position as Co-Administrator in 2015. Cris had confidence in Abdiel’s heart for the mission, and the Board thanks God for His great provision in grooming Abdiel through the years to step into the position as Director of Bethshean Mexico Mission.


To Download and Print Newsletter, Click Below:

Bethshean Mex Mission December 2021
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