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Mexico Mission


Bethshean Mexico Mission began 50 years ago in the village of Estancia de Animas, Zacatecas. During this time, it has grown into multiple ministries that are reaching out into Central Mexico and inviting people to experience the richness of life in Jesus Christ.


As a leader among Christian Ministry Organizations, our mission is to spread wide this invitation, to offer opportunities for each person to grow and mature in Christ, and to have a Kingdom impact upon our culture.

La Palma, or Joshua tree, is found all over the surrounding region. Like the many branches of this tree, Bethshean Mexico Mission reaches out in many ways to serve the people of central Mexico.

Our Story

Church Photos Bethshean Mexico Mission

While we are all deeply saddened at the passing of our beloved Cris Garcia, we rejoice and celebrate her incredible life and generosity. 

We have created a "Remembering Cris" forum, dedicated to Cris. Please share any stories, photos thoughts and feelings about her.



Through the years, the Lord has opened doors for us to go into different villages and towns in Zacatecas to share the gospel of Jesus. As people responded to His love and invitation, the need arose to establish a church in their area. Currently, we support five ministers who are leading congregations and developing strong faith communities. We anticipate planting a church in the city of Zacatecas in the near future. We look forward to seeing where the Lord will lead and open doors as we share His message of truth. 


The Bethshean Camp and Conference Center has become a primary training ground for Christian discipleship, biblical education and pastoral training, mission programs for young adults, youth and family camp, college-level seminars, retreats for men, women, and married couples. This beautiful facility can house 100 people in private rooms and dorms, can accommodate up to 300 people for daily conferences, and is well situated for worship, indoor and outdoor recreation, and many other activities.


The Bethshean Medical Clinic  has been under construction, using volunteer teams, for the past several years and is finally complete. This 10,000-square-foot facility will be home to medical, dental, and optometry patients, with plans to open a small surgical suite. We are thrilled about the spiritual, physical, and economic opportunities this will bring to Central Mexico as we partner with local medical personnel, as well as physicians and nurses from the States.


Since 1974, the Bethshean Nursing Home has cared for elderly adults who have no one else to care for them. As James 1:27 points out, God desires for us to care for the widow and the orphan. Bethshean Nursing Home is the only evangelical elderly care facility in the nation. Bible studies, Sunday services, physical activities are part of weekly life as we care for “the least of these.” 


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