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Dec 24, 2021
In Remembering Cris Garcia
Bobby remembers visiting with his Aunt Jean when she was home in Georgia raising funds for her work in Mexico. I had the pleasure to meet her a few times on such visits after Bobby and I started dating and were married. Hearing of her life and work in Mexico was impactful to hear. We admired her for dedicating her life to help others and share God's love. In 2010, Bobby and I began teaching 4 year olds at our church about Missionaries and how God uses them all over the world to teach others about Jesus. Each October as we taught the children about Mexico and the people God made and loves in Mexico, we also posted a photo of Aunt Jean and told of her work as a Missionary. Though I have moved on to teach in Middle School and Elementary Sunday School, Bobby has remained in Mission Moments teaching the 4 year olds. His Aunt Jean taught him how important the work of a missionary is and he wants to continue teaching other children about how special Missionaries are to furthering God's kingdom.
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