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Update and Prayers

Dear Friends,

As our key supporters of Bethshean Mexico Mission, I wanted to reach out to you to ask for your continued prayers and support after a very unfortunate event this past week. While traveling back to the mission, Abdiel Rocha and Dr. Freddy Martin were illegally detained. Their vehicle was stolen in the incident, along with funds intended for clinic expenses and salaries, phones, wallets, and important paperwork for the mission. We are so very grateful that both Abidel and Freddy are unharmed, and we are reminded that "things" can always be replaced.

We share this news so that you will know how to pray more specifically for the Bethshean Mission and for the safety of our missionaries and their families. We need the light of Christ to shine brighter than ever in the region of Central Mexico. Several of you have asked if there is any way you can help in addition to praying. If you would like to contribute toward restoring what was lost, that is always welcome. Click the button below for a link to our website.




Michael Plank

Chairman, Bethshean Mexico Mission

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