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September Newsletter 2021

Dear Christian Friends,

As I was preparing Friday’s Doctrine Class, I began to contemplate Romans 16:3 and verse 9, where Paul lists people who had helped him during his ministry. One of my

Beautiful Gift from a Server of the Lord

thoughts was, "Yes, Paul, I understand your gratitude to those who so graciously gave of their time and energy to give you help." Over the years of my ministry to the Lord, I dared not make a list of so many who have given me help along the way. Doing so would make this newsletter the longest ever and I know I would never be able to remember every “Priscilla and Aquila” who has blessed the mission and me through service. I am so deeply grateful to each one.

One of the spiritual gifts I expounded on in the class is the gift of serving. I desire to be a server because I love serving others. Through the years, I have met many who have this gift, and I have been the recipient of their gift many times. As I sit at my desk, I see my glass window – a beautiful scenery one “server of the Lord” made for me. I mention this because each day I am reminded of how many people have shown their love and care for me. This glass window is one of those reminders. My heart is filled with gratefulness.

In this newsletter, you will see a report from one of our ministers and his wife. Manuel and Fernanda are hard workers for the Lord. Manuel writes about their decision to buy property and build a house in the area. Please pray for this need. They are a very deserving couple; valuable to the Lord’s work here with us.


Working on the Front Wall

Loreto is a town with a population of 22,085. Only 1.6 percent do not profess the Roman Catholic religion. There’s a lot of work ahead of us as we begin to reach out to the lost. The building we are constructing for this church will seat 100 people. We are a small congregation presently, but I believe this church will grow once we have a full-time


minister. Each one of us will do our part, as well. Our hope is to have a minister by this January. I will be interviewing someone this Wednesday at the border. May God’s will be done.

This work has been a real challenge; disappointing at times, and sometimes frustrating and difficult. But the Lord’s church is slowly maturing and advancing. There is a subdivision across the street from where the church property is located. This is where we will start meeting people and evangelizing. I believe the Lord has something great for His kingdom in this area.

Robbie, David, and Abdiel


September turned out to be a busy month. As I mentioned in the last newsletter David Jones and Robbie McGlothlin were coming to work on our electrical issues. I am happy to report that their work has fixed our previous issues. Things are working well. While they worked, I spent my time tracking down supplies that were needed due to frequently changing solutions to our problem which I have learned is common to Mexico. They were also able to help with some electric issues at the church in Villa Gonzalez. I was amazed by all that they were able to accomplish in their short time here.

Over the course of September and first part of October, we have been able to unpack all but eight of the 60+ black boxes that had been brought down over the past few years. Our goal before we come home for the holidays is to set up the medical examination rooms with supplies. Last week the Ophthalmoscope / Otoscope units and Blood Pressure units were hung in each exam room. The rooms are really looking good as everything is getting put into place. One praise from a couple of weekends ago, on Saturday morning after arriving at the clinic I discovered that one of the ground fault outlets had shorted out in the prior 24 hours. We still have not been able to determine the cause. The praise being that there was no fire damage to the clinic except for the countertop being blackened.

Tonight, Cris, Abdiel, and I spoke with Alma Gonzalez, the young physician from San Luis Potosi, to follow up from my previous conversation with her a month ago. We discussed more details about the opportunity at the Betsan Clinic. When I ask her if she was still interested in the position, she answered, “a lot”. She plans to come to Estancia de Animas the second week in January to visit and tour the clinic. With her being in her year of service, this was the soonest that we could all get together. Based on our conversation, I suspect we may have found the physician for the Betsan Clinic.

Apparently, my researched salaries for clinic positions back at the beginning of the year were in error, which were the basis for the amount that we need per month for the rest of the salaries. After recalculating the numbers with more accurate salaries, the amount that we need per month to hire a dentist, nurse, front office person, and custodian is only about $2000.00. God has already provided $8,800, leaving only $15,200 needed to provide for the first year of salaries. Exciting news!

Towards the end of October Carol and I will be heading back to Tennessee to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas. We plan to return to Mexico after Christmas or first week in January. During time back in Tennessee we hope to be able to reconnect with you. In January we will be finishing the preparation for the upcoming medical, dental, and construction trip in February and then opening the Betsan Clinic in March with our new physician. We may also be able to hire the dentist that is interested in working, too. This will be an exciting time, seeing the clinic finally opening its doors. Many prayers will be answered. God is so good!!


1. Protection of Betsan Clinic building during the electrical issue recently.

2. For God’s provision of Alma Gonzalez as potential physician for Betsan Clinic.

3. For God’s provision for the needs of the mission.

4. For God’s provision of safety for the workers with the mission.

5. For God’s provision of the money for the physician salary already.


1. Continue praying for the opportunity to mentor, teach, and love the clinic physician, dentist, and staff

2. The additional financial support for the first year of the clinic operation - $2000 per month

3. Be in prayer for the paperwork for the clinic opening when we can start the process.

4. Pray for the hearts of the people that the clinic will be serving would be softened and open to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

5. Pray for the ministers of the mission churches as they continue working to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.

6. Continue praying for Bethshean Mexico Mission outreach through all the many ministries.

7. Pray also for travel mercies as we start heading home on October 20th.


The following is Fernanda speaking:

Manuel and his Family

Our daughter, Esli, is six years old and is in the first grade. Recently, she had an experience at school where she had to defend her faith in Jesus. The teacher had to leave her students for a few minutes. She left Esli in charge because she is a very responsible student. The other students began bullying and making fun of her. They would call her “Teacher Esli”, and then ask various questions and say things about God. They commented about the idols they worship and said they believe in God and that their idols are real. They told Esli that her God does not exist. She defended her beliefs saying, “Idols are from Satan, and our God does not like us to worship idols. These idols you worship are not real. They are just statues made of rock and mud.” After she said this, the teacher returned to calm down the kids, for they had gotten rowdy. She told them not to talk about religion. Law does not allow such discussions on school premises.

After everyone left that day, the teacher commented to me what had happened and that Esli is not to speak about religion again. I explained to the teacher that Esli is always going to speak when her faith is challenged. We cannot and will not forbid her to speak when necessary.

Manuel shares his experience with Covid:

Thankful for the Oxygen Concentrator

Greetings brethren,

God bless each one in Christ Jesus. I minister to the Sauceda and Maravillas churches. I would like to share an experience I lived through over the past few months when I got Covid. This was the most difficult time ever in my life.

Dr. Freddy checked me and informed me my oxygen saturation level was lowering very quickly, and it would be necessary for me to be hospitalized because I needed oxygen. I returned home confused. I was sad and asked the classic question, “Why me?” I decided to trust God. I had the encouragement of the brothers and sisters in Christ assuring me they would be with me through this long process.

Because Dr. Freddy drove two hours to a city to get oxygen, I was able to stay home to recuperate. Days were long. At times I felt desperation and at other times uncertainty. I needed patience. I could neither sleep, nor could I eat. I was already a slim person, but I got slimmer.

I am truly grateful to God and thank Him for Dr. Freddy who constantly encouraged me and took care of me. He was my doctor, but he was also a friend. He would encourage me to not give up. I am thankful to God for my wife and children who also gave me strength, comfort, and courage so I could get through this. They also encouraged me not give up. Such a difficult time…

There were moments of desperation and I wanted to give up, but God demonstrated to me that He was answering the prayers of those faithfully praying for me. The brethren united in prayer, and God answered.

Back to Teaching

I know God let me live because He has a purpose for me and my family here in this area. I asked God to let me breathe well so I can continue to teach the brothers and sisters of the Sauceda and Maravillas churches. Thanks to God Almighty, I am teaching without complications. May all honor and glory be to our Lord!

Before this happened, my family and I were doubtful as to how long we should minister in this area. I am from Oaxaca, and we have a home there. We thought we would return, but God made clear His will for us. We are now in the process of buying property to build our house, so we can continue to fulfill His plan in our life working with the congregations we are presently serving. We are sure God will provide our needs to buy property and build.

Brethren, I am so grateful to each one for your prayers and what you have done for us. I am thankful to Sister Cris for the unconditional support she has given us.

God bless you all. Manuel


Manuel has ministered through our Mission for 7 years. He and his wife have been very faithful to the Lord. The work has been difficult, but the Church in Sauceda has grown and matured. The Maravillas Church is blessed now to have Manuel and Fernanda working with them, as well. I am looking forward to seeing this Church grow, as well, under their leadership. Please keep them in your prayers.

Lord willing, by the end of this month, I will be in Georgia for a couple of weeks. I really, really appreciate your continued support in prayers and finances. God bless each one and may He protect you all.

Much love in Christ,

~ Cris


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Bethshean Mex Mission Sept 2021
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