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Organizing the Clinic

Yesterday, I met Dr. Freddy at the border to escort him back to Estancia. He doesn’t know the language yet, and the route can be dangerous. While we are here, he is buying insurance for his work truck. We will be heading to another location to complete paperwork for permission to drive in Mexico. Because of the long drive from here to the mission, we will be staying another night and will start out early tomorrow morning.

The plan is for him to unpack and organize the clinic over the next three weeks. There is so much to be done that only Dr. Freddy can do. We know that when people hear that he is in town, they will want to see him for various needs. When they ask me, I will tell them yes because Dr. Freddy would say, “Yes!” We are so blessed to have him join the work here at Bethshean, and we give praise to the Lord!

Please be in prayer for the paperwork to go through smoothly, for safety as we travel, for the clinic to get organized over these next few weeks, and for those who need to see Dr. Freddy – that they will be drawn to Jesus through the love and care they receive.

Thank you for lifting us in prayer!

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