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Newsletter August 2020

Dear Christian Friends,

August 28th was my birthday, and I felt really blessed to complete one more year of life. COVID-19 is all around us. There are so many getting sick; some recover and others just don’t make it.  Even as I write, I am in quarantine for ten days for I have been exposed.  The man who was sick passed away several hours after our exposure. Thankfully, he was a Christian. Believe me when I say I take all precautions …I do, but on this occasion, I was not aware of the situation.  I am on my fifth day of quarantine so five more days…sure feels a long way off.  And, they say fall will be another hurdle for everyone with the flu season.

Cris in Front of the Nursing Home

The ministers continue to remain faithful in the work for the Lord through the churches.  It is discouraging at times but “this too will pass”.  God is in control, and we are reminded of that when things get really difficult - which is on a daily basis anymore.  As I keep receiving notice of deaths all around us, I am reminded very strongly of the urgency in teaching the Gospel.  So many people are lost…


Without a doubt, these times have been difficult.  Our lives aren’t what they were a few months back.  The Apostle Paul said that hard times would come, and this is definitely one of them!  However, even in the midst of these problems, the hand of our God gives us comfort and strength.

So it is that time of year, and classes have started back up again.  Our oldest daughter, Shan Mical, has started her college studies in medicine in one of the universities in Aguascalientes.  We thank God for your support and prayers for our family!!! 

Annabel is trying to adjust to life in Michigan and will be starting her classes to finish her senior year in about a week!  The two youngest, Alexa and Eva, have started online classes, as well, here in Estancia.

As for as my health, I am doing a little better, praise God!  It is still often quite frustrating not being able to find answers for my symptoms.  I have done many different tests:  endoscopy, colonoscopy, CT scans, ultrasounds, and blood work.  I have another test ordered, a HIDA scan, but the machine is being repaired at the place they can do it!  Meanwhile, I am taking some natural supplements to help my symptoms.  

I trust in the Lord and in His purposes!!! The Lord has always been our refuge and the rock of our salvation!!!

In Him,

Abdiel, Shannon, and girls


Please continue to pray for Abdiel’s health; that he will find answers and healing.

As far as the Mexican government is concerned, we must have a national doctor to work at the clinic. We trust the Lord to show us the right person.

Dr. Freddy and Carol will be traveling to Estancia soon to unpack and organize the clinic. Please pray for their safety and that much is accomplished while they are here.

Continue to lift up our ministers and the churches for protection and for opportunities to share the gospel.


The Back of the Nursing Home

I am so thankful for you who have made this mission possible and for me to be here all these years serving. May God protect you, bless you, give you peace and a loving spirit to reach out to others with the saving message!  We are blessed.  

With Love through Christ, 


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1 Comment

Ric Huxford
Ric Huxford
Sep 02, 2020

Love you Cris and praying for you...I so appreciate the work you have done and are doing in Mexico! Russellvillle Christian had not updated the new address in Athens, GA but we have it will be coming soon! Love you girl...Ric

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