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March Newsletter 2022

Baptism at Sanctification Youth Retreat

Greetings from Zacatecas! March was a great month here at the Bethshean Mexico Mission. After two years, we were able to have the Sanctification Youth Retreat at

15 Confessions of Faith

the Camp. The topic was homosexuality, and there were amazing teachers along with a very powerful testimony. We had over 120 teens in attendance. There were 15 teens who made their confession of faith and one baptism! We are excited for the upcoming activities: a seminar on the book of Acts that will be held the third week of April and summer camps that will be here before we know it!


New Room Addition

There have been some renovations going on at the Bethshean Camp this month. Some old storage rooms needed to be torn down and a new room was built in their place. This new room holds the pizza oven. Also, the laundry room was renovated, a new concrete patio was poured, and doors were placed on the storage rooms

Pizza Oven in New Room

behind the auditorium dome. Many of these projects were done by gathering older metal doors and windows that were stored at the camp and a welder was hired to renovate them. These apparently small changes have really made a difference in the appearance and use we will get at the camp.


The new dental chair and unit are completely installed and working well. This month Abdiel, Shannon, and I met with Junior (dentist) several times working through our employment agreement with him. He was supposed to begin work on April 4th, but we hit a couple of snags, so he will most likely begin mid-April. We also want to update you on Alma’s (physician) status. She is still waiting for the Mexican government to provide her with an electronic signature so that she can start her licensing paperwork. She hopes she will have her license in the next 30 days. Keep lifting her up in your prayers, please. She is anxious to get started working as soon as she can.

Some other good news is that we have hired a receptionist and a cleaning person for the clinic. I am excited that we were able to find such high-quality people for those positions. Based on the salaries and decreased exchange rates, we may have to raise an additional $5000 dollars to completely cover the entire first year. Although, if the clinic can become sufficiently productive before the end of the first year, we may not need the extra funds. We will keep you updated regarding this in next few months.


One Set of New Doors

The Church in Villa Gonzalez has been blessed with approximately 80 percent of the members attending and growing in the Lord. We continue to pray for a full-time minister as Abdiel is not always able to give the time and attention that the congregation needs due to his responsibilities with the mission. Please pray with us for God’s provision in this need. Villa Gonzalez has also started new projects. Last month, we let you know how the

Missing Roof


wind blew the metal roof off between the bathrooms and the classroom. We were able to begin installing doors, and once that is finished, we will repair the roof. The doors will not allow the wind to flow through and lift the roof again. Also, another part of the stairs was finished to what will be the second story. God is so good and blesses us beyond measure!


I want to make you aware that the mission needs to raise funds to complete three projects. As I have mentioned prior, God provides His money to His people for His purpose. Please be in prayer for these projects that God will provide the funds needed. The following are U.S. estimates for these projects:

1. Clinic Walls – cost estimate is $31,850.00

2. Two Story Clinic Storage Building – cost estimate is $6,250.00

3. Solar Panels at Nursing Home – cost estimate is $7,500.00

Thank you for your constant intercession on our behalf as we strive to serve the Lord in this ministry. We appreciate your kindness and generosity as you allow God to provide for His Kingdom work through you!

Until the Whole World Hears,

Abdiel and Shannon Rocha


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Bethshean Mex Mission News March 2022
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