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August Newsletter 2021

Building the Wall at Loreto

Dear Christian Friends,

Church bells are ringing daily to announce another death – sometimes because of covid or some other illness and sometimes because of kidnappings or murders. This month, there was a mutilated body found on the downtown plaza; an occurrence that is becoming more frequent. The cartels mean business. Cross them, and you will face the consequences. I go daily to the Loreto Church property to work with the masons and their helpers. When we hear the bells begin to ring, we comment to one another and go on…Sad.

Every Friday I teach a class on doctrine. There are three ladies from a Pentecostal church who attend weekly. Our lessons have been on the Holy Spirit, and do they have questions and doubts concerning spiritual gifts and speaking in tongues! One of the three once commented that she will submit herself to the Bible teaching, but she does not accept it. A week ago, she said she is now convinced after studying fervently. What was interesting to me was she said her pastor kept insisting that she pray for the ability to speak in tongues otherwise she is lost and would go to hell. His bluntness scared her. Fortunately, she has accepted the Scriptures and says she now understands that tongues ceased and are no longer needed. I am privileged to lead this class, and I am thankful the ladies are learning the truth and realizing the “false“ teachings they have received over the years. The Scriptures speak if we will just listen, accept, and obey. I love it!


We are continuing to build walls around the church property. The cistern is finished, and we now have water. Thankfully, we are able to build without lugging water from a nearby neighbor’s cistern. Once we finish the walls around the property, the next phase will be to build the dining and kitchen area, and we will have services once it is finished.

Please pray for this project and for the needed funds to continue. I have hired two masons and their helpers so the work is going pretty fast.


Last year we gave out gifts to ministers in different states. You may have read where I reported about the great blessings in Guadalajara with Josue Garcia and his son, Abdiel, working in several communities with the Angel Bag program. They have received tremendous blessings through many accepting Christ and being baptized.

We praise God for how the Angel Bag ministry is impacting Yucatan. Juan Cordova, minister from Aguascalientes who works with our Mission very closely, took over 200 Angel Bags to Yucatan and presented the Christmas story last year. A ten-year-old girl received one of these bags as a gift. She loved the classes Juan and his wife, Veronica, gave at the Yucatan Church. The young girl was so excited not only for the Angel Bag, but for the Bible stories she heard that day. She began attending the Christian Church in her village, and she practically obligated her grandmother to attend with her. As a result, the grandmother’s son and another grandchild started visiting. Months later, the son and granddaughter accepted Christ and were baptized. The grandmother has not made that final decision as yet, but she is beginning to accept the truth more and more. Hopefully, she will accept Christ as Savior, too.

I want to thank each one of you again and again for making this project available to so many children in Mexico. Soar Ministries, Inc. continues to be such a blessing to our Mission and our work for the Lord. Thank you.


August has brought complete healing for those who had COVID-19 infections. Everyone has returned to their normal routines and are glad to be feeling healthy again. God be praised for His provisions and healing! He has answered many prayers for those who suffered with COVID-19 allowing them the healing they needed. As I write this update, most of the United States are inundated with the COVID-19 Delta Variant; with many cases involving younger ages. Please join us in praying for an end to Covid and the suffering it has caused.

Removing the Old Roof

This month has seen the completion of the Clinic roof repair and replacement of the damaged portion. All the funding was provided by God’s people. Another Praise God! We have had more rain from hurricanes and cyclones on the west coast of Mexico.

Putting on the New

Providing opportunity to test the new roof for leaks; which there were none. The roof is now silver instead of orange, but it looks nice. Thanks to Abdiel for overseeing this repair.

Work inside the Clinic has been a slow go thus far. We have been going through many supply boxes that we have brought to Mexico over the years. We are placing the supplies in their specific category one of five metal shelves in bins. The quantity and variety of supplies that we have collected over the years is amazing. At this point we have just scratched the surface with the number of boxes yet to be done. (Shout out to my aunt Helen who made nylon covers for each of these shelves when we were home in May. These covers are a big help at keeping the supplies clean by preventing dust and dirt getting onto the shelves.)

Carol began her exercise classes with the elderly ladies at the Nursing Home in August. At present, she is conducting her classes two days a week. The ladies in the Nursing Home seem to enjoy the classes. Carol has worked on learning how to give the instructions for the exercises in Spanish. The elderlies seem to appreciate her efforts with Spanish instructions. One of our neighbors, Sara who lives across the street, is bilingual and has been going to assist with the classes. Carol has really enjoyed her time with the elderlies and Sara.

Last week, Abdiel was able to speak with a young physician from San Luis Potosi who is completing her year of service which is required after finishing medical school. She is working in a rural area in San Luis Potosi. We are meeting with her via Zoom to talk further about the physician position at the Clinic. She will finish her year of service in February. We are excited about talking further with her.

We are looking forward to David Jones and Robbie McGlothlin coming to help us out with some electrical issues at our house and with the Villa Gonzalez Church. We appreciate their willingness to come and help us out.

God’s Provision


1. For providing the funds to completely repair the clinic


2. For God’s provision for the needs of the mission.

3. For God’s provision of safety for the workers with the


4. For God’s healing of those with COVID-19.

5. For God placing a young physician in contact with us

for the clinic.


1. Continue praying for the opportunity to mentor, teach, and love the clinic

physician, dentist, and staff

2. The additional financial support for the first year of the clinic operation - $5000

per month

3. Be in prayer for the paperwork for the clinic opening when we can start the


4. Pray for the hearts of the people that the clinic will be serving would be softened

and open to the gospel of Christ.

5. Pray for the ministers of the mission churches as they continue working to spread

the Good News of Jesus Christ.

6. Continue praying for Bethshean Mexico Mission outreach through all the many



I am looking forward to my visit in Georgia next month. I will only be there for three weeks, so I will take it as vacation time; which is something I don’t do very often. I want to express my deepest appreciation and love to all who have helped me personally and the Bethshean Mission so many years. I am grateful to the Lord for calling me to this work in Mexico. I must admit, I did not want to come to Mexico as missionary, but the Lord doesn’t make mistakes. I am so glad I responded to Him and not to my ideas of serving Him through others. Thank you each one for your support in prayers and finances. God bless you all.

~ Cris


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Bethshean Mex Mission August 2021
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Ric Huxford
Ric Huxford
Sep 20, 2021

Love you Cris and pray for you and the ministry often. God bless you and continue to give the gift of real life to my family in Mexico!


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