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April Newsletter 2022

April 2022

Greetings from the Bethshean Mexico Mission! The beginning of May is here and it is hot! We are looking forward to what is ahead in the next few months and continuing to partner with you in God’s kingdom work!

Mission Worker Highlight

Zohar and Family

Zohar Delgadillo is in charge of maintenance and upkeep at the Bethshean Camp. He has been an employee with the Bethshean Mexico Mission since November of last year. He is a faithful Christian and is always willing to go above and beyond his work duties. We are so pleased to be able to have him on staff. Zohar and his wife, Nancy, have 3 children: Allison,12; Chris Angel, 9; and David, 7.

Elderly Home

Every week, Carol Martin, along with some young girls, offer movement and exercise classes to the residents. It has been so good for their physical and social health. They enjoy the fun and the visits!

Cuca's Baptism into Christ

God is so good! One of our residents, Cuca, was baptized into Christ! After hearing the Gospel and receiving classes on baptism, she made the best decision of her life! Cuca loves to embroider and crochet and is a natural caretaker of the other residents. She is so excited about her new decision!

New Life


Welcoming Patients

The Bethshean Medical Clinic has finally opened its doors! There have been patients rolling in slowly, but as word is getting out there are more people coming to look for quality medical care. Our receptionist, Ivonne, is getting acclimated with appointments, pricing, and organization. We also have hired a woman, Laura, who attends the church in Villa Gonzalez Ortega for the janitorial position. Alma and Junior (doctor and dentist) are excited to be doing what they have been trained to do and what they love!

Dr. Alma, Ivonne, and Dr. Junior


There was so much disappointment when we heard that Bob and Sandy Klemm would not be able to come for the Seminar on Romans that was planned. However, God provided a way for it to still happen! Daniel Llamas from the Bible College in Piedras Negras was able to come and teach us through the book of Acts. We only made it halfway through the book, since he actually teaches the book in two years at the college! One week was definitely not enough time! We will be planning another Seminar in order to finish the second half of Acts. There were about 25-30 people who attended the Seminar, including some students from the Bible College in San Luis Potosi, area church members and the Bethshean Ministers, along with the wives of a couple of them. There was a lot to learn and take in, but it was an immense blessing to dig into God’s Word!

Joel Otero with Professor Daniel Llamas

Church Highlight: Loreto - Written by Minister Fernando

We began in the month of February with a course on Christian discipleship. This course consists of teaching the members the fundamental basics of Christian life. To date, we have finished the first part of the course. The presentation of the course has been a great blessing for the church. The small group of members are enthusiastic, learning and putting into practice the teaching they are receiving.

Also since February, we have been visiting a center that helps people with addiction problems. We go to this place every Tuesday. We conduct group talks in order to present the Gospel to them. As a result of this work, five people have confessed Christ as their Savior. We continue to work with them in order to lead them to Christian baptism.

We hold a women's meeting on Fridays every week. Since February, the sisters have participated in this service, learning about different topics relevant to their Christian life. During the women's meetings, several women have come out of interest in knowing the Word of God. Also, one of them has visited the Sunday services. We ask for your prayers so that God may prosper His work and that these people may be reached for Christ.

Prayer Requests and Praises

· Please continue to pray for people to be reached through the Gospel and that

as we serve them, their needs would be met.

· Pray for a full-time minister for the Villa Gonzalez Church.

· Pray for the staff and patients at the Bethshean Clinic to be shown God’s love.

Thank you as always for your faithfulness to God's work here through Bethshean! We continue to need your prayers more than ever as we navigate through many changes being made and those to come!

In Christ's Love,

Abdiel, Shannon, and family


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Bethshean Mex Mission News April 2022
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