Bethshean's Founder and Co-Administrator, Cris Garcia:


Bethshean's Co-Administrator Abdiel Rocha:

Bethshean requires a lot of time and devotion by everyone to keep it running. It's hard, but rewarding work that never ceases. That being said, without your prayers and financial support, the dedication of Cris, Abdiel and a well trained staff isn't enough to make it happen. Thank you for partnering with us. God expects a lot from His workers, (Bankers and Laborers.)


  1. The next medical mission trip will be February, 2018. There will be other work available to do at the clinic for those who want to go but are not involved on the medical side.
  2. Abdiel reported on some of the activity at the mission. We now have power to the clinic and are working to get the water tanks installed underground. The city water and sewer are at the clinic and we are still trying to get a road completed. His church, Villa Gonzales, needs a roof over their kitchen and dining room at a cost of $3,500.
  3. There are now a total of 7 Christian churches. Bethshean is working with Salitre Church and has offered half pay for a minister if the church will pay the other half.